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From humble beginnings…

Back in 2007 an old mill located in Bab Sharq in the old city of Damascus was refurbished and transferred into the authentic Arabic restaurant known to a global audience today as Naranj. The focal point of the restaurant’s allure is the authentic collection of recipes that are traditionally made by many small villages.

Where we are today?

Naranj Amman is one of our many opened and yet to open branches worldwide. It is the perfect place to enjoy traditional pan-oriental food with dishes alive with color, texture and superb flavor. Each bite of any of Naranj dishes tells a different story originating from the heritage of oriental cuisine. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped into one of the myriad unique mezzes we offer till the last piece of dessert is savored, diners are taken on a fascinating culinary journey.

Naranj is one of its kind dinning- destination in Jordan with magnificent interior which sets up an authentic cultural space for diners to explore the aromatic gastronomy of the Arab Word.

Narnaj is honored by its customers, from the great authenticity of Damascus to the pride and generosity of Amman.

Last modification: Wed 10 Dec 2014